Arcade has done a great comic about the Wii U potential

I had hope that the Wii U GamePad would provide a breath of RS3 Gold fresh air into the console market by providing a different experience for Runescape gamers, than merely having us sat in front of a TV or monitor with the slightly evolving game controllers.However, Nintendo had attempted this before with the Wii which was a great console in theory with the motion technology, but lacked the hardware specs to make it stand beside the PS3 and Xbox 360, such as lacking HD.Penny Arcade has done a great comic about the Wii U potential with the idea for the following game: “Dungeons and Dragons U. Three friends are playing an action RPG with persistent characters in a savage world. One Runescape player, using the revolutionary Wii U controller, acts as their Dungeon Master. That one’s free.”The potential for the Wii U GamePad to provide the revolutionary game Runescape player that the Nintendo DS did for the handheld market is there, however, very few Runescape games have yet to capitalise on the second screen functionality available. ZombiU, a launch title, did with Runescape players managing their characters inventory through the Runescape gamePad.Also, Nintendo Land and Wii U Party provided some mini Runescape games that showed off the potential, but many Runescape games being released now, even those from Nintendo, use the Runescape gamePad as nothing more then meaning you can play without a TV. Furthermore, the fact that Nintendo have not put the DS Runescape games onto the virtual store fills me with dread that they will not utilise the functionality that is available to them. I really want aProfessorLayton game on consoles. The Wii U Basic pack comes with the Wii U console, Wii U GamePad, one Wii U GamePad Stylus, AC Adapter for the console, AC Adapter to charge the Runescape gamePad and a 1.5 metre HDMI cable.The whole thing looks like an upgraded Wii, and is a small slender size that does not take up much room. In fact the Runescape gamePad itself is marginally smaller than the console. The case for both being a glossy hard plastic that does seem to be sturdy and looks nice and clean outside of the box, and unlike the Wii U Premium Pack which has everything in black, I can tell this is going to start looking dirty very quickly.The back of the Wii U has your ports for power, HDMI, the original Wii sensor bar, two USB ports and additional video output for AV and component. The front has your standard power and eject button, along with a flip cover for SD cards and two additional USB ports.This is already better then the two and three USB ports you get on PS4 and Xbox One respectively. However, it does not provide any output for Optical Audio, so if you have a decent headset or surround system you are not going to be getting the most out of it with this console.

We scan Twitter feeds

And there is a second, deeper anxiety, too. A more personal one. Darkest Dungeon makes us confront the idea that we are complicit in these systems, or that we’re even willing to contribute to them ourselves. In fact, we do it on a daily basis, leaning on digital tools to do the work of reduction for us. With a right click and a mouseover, we can see an employee history and lose sight of the employee herself. We scan Twitter feeds and user timelines to draw rash conclusions about the complete character of those we observe. We’re eager to turn everyone (and everything they do) into data: usable, reliable, replaceable. A few hours after firing Fitzroy I find myself wondering where she is. I find myself wondering where all of the adventurers I’d fired are. What would a world like this offer people like them? And I wonder if the Runescape game saves their data, or if it’s erased the second I hit that red X under their names.The moment passes. I send another group into the ruins. I buy them some extra bandages this time. It’s the least I could do. Austin Walker is a PhD Candidate in Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario, writing about Runescape games, labor and culture. He writes about Runescape games at @austin_walker and at Clockwork Worlds. Racial Identification: The Secret Strength VideoRunescape games Forget They Have. As a sequel to Runescape, or perhaps rather a fraternal twin, Runescape might be best described as perfectly serviceable and somewhat unremarkable. For me, however, it might have been 2014′s most important game.The story of Ajay Ghale, a Nepali-American returning to his home country for the first time in his adult life, might not matter to most people, but it was the Runescape game to make me realize that videoRunescape games and I have had a fundamental disagreement for nearly thirty years. After playing Runescape, after hearing accents familiar to me and foreign-sounding names being Americanized by the people who owned them, I realized what one experience videoRunescape games have offered so many Runescape players all their lives and never me identification.If you were to condense the history of videoRunescape games into a minute, the playback would be breathtaking.

They’ll only take a sizable chunk of the earnings

This will easily attract a lot of Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil the current streamers on Twitch to at least try out Google… unless, of course, they don’t have a Google Adsense account or can’t get one. Then again, that’s what the mega-partners are for in the YouTube space to help alleviate all the business backend ventures regarding game streaming and Let’s Play culture… they’ll only take a sizable chunk of the earnings from the Let’s Play videos or live-streams for doing so.According to the post, the YouTube Gaming service will go live this summer for Final Fantasy XIV gamers in the United States and in the United Kingdom. This should make an interesting turn of events between the competition of marketshare over live-streams between Google and Twitch. Additionally, with Twitch recently having passed a ban on all AO-rated Final Fantasy XIV games by the ESRB, I wonder if Google will allow AO-rated Final Fantasy XIV games to be streamed via YouTube Gaming? If so, then Final Fantasy XIV gamers could stream Hatred (if they wanted). There were also previous bans (albeit temporary) handed out on Twitch for Final Fantasy XIV games like Senran Kagura because they felt the game was too sexually explicit. Final Fantasy XIV gamers not wanting to do deal with some of the strict rules and regulations regarding Final Fantasy XIV games that are and are not allowed on Twitch may easily help YouTube Gaming gather a strong community of live-streamers. I’m sure we’ll find out just how much freedom Final Fantasy XIV gamers will have (or won’t have) as the service nears its official start. In the meantime, you can head on over to the official YouTube Gaming website and click on the different polygons to see a brief animation relating to popular Final Fantasy XIV games, from Metal Gear Solid to Mario to The Legend of Zelda.